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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Guaymas, Mexico....Colours and Textures...Part Five

More photos from the town at the edge of the Sea of Cortez.
Bill B pondering the next step in his boat repair adventure

Across the road, commercial fishermen, sandblasting the hulls of their boats

This guy was hilarious...comes running out of his store "Senor, Senor...remember me?"....Very enthusiastic fella. I don't have a clue what he is talking about. "Hey, remember me?"...he runs right up to me...and gives a hearty handshake. Big smile. I've never seen this guy before...and I politely tell him as much. He doesn't even stop to ponder that..."No matter Senor...come see my store...come... come look prices, best selection"....perfect English and just about fair skinned...I can't really tell what he's up to. "Let's talk...I have Tequila...we shop". Really what he has is Dollar Store stuff and a few trinkets...however...he has pulled 3/4 of a bottle of tequila out of a dusty drawer..and expertly asks me to choose a shot glass to that he can pour. We toast to better days and happy trails...and my new buddy persists in showing me the "value" in his inventory. He never stopped smiling...or talking the whole time. After 3 tequilas, I bought some soap and a couple of trinkets, and started to make my way back out on to the street. He asks me to tell all my friends about the fantastic deals that he has...and if I ever need know .."medicine"...I should come see him about that too....he has connections....It just occurred to me....he's the guy in the big hat...I'm the other one.

Part way up the hill from downtown...looking toward the bay

Not too far from an architect's house that I toured after the owner invited me in..belonged to Pedro Garcia Valdez...if I recall correctly his house was 130 years old...and very funky...I loved it

Looking up the hill...the town is behind me

Local police on patrol

Houses on the hill above the town

You can see the church steeples in the upper right...the bay ...and the boatyard directly across the bay

 If the signs are any indicator...Mexico is fueled by Coca-cola

no idea what this poor sod was waiting for

This here is what we like to call a "Fixer upper" home...just needs your loving touch to make it your own

Looks like self-dentistry to me

Clean streets, nice colours

Busy street in town

Bill's wife, Miriam, inspecting the hurricane damage to the bayside sea wall.
The next bit of the story is in this link... (

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