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Friday, 4 May 2012

Guaymas ,Mexico....Part Four....Colours and Textures

The colours and textures of Guaymas.
A block from the boatyard...and across from Abuelo's restaurant


View of the bay through a broken wall in an abandoned building

Steel hulled yacht has seen better days....I wonder if it was even finished before it ended up here

Looking from the boatyard side...across the bay

On the street outside a boat repair shop

Marina Seca boatyard

Boatyard puppy

Commercial fisherman down at the foot of the road by the boatyard

Lots of VW's....they were built in Mexico until just a few years ago

In the parking lot of a nice mall

Sidehill homes

Nice house and not so nice house

Repair work

Diabetes is rampant in Mexico

The next chapter of the story is here..

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