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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Guaymas. Mexico....Part Six...More Photos

I'll say it again, I loved everything about Guaymas. In a future blog post, there will be a story about the people in the town who went waaay out of their way to help me out.

Here are a couple of videos...

Colourful, rusty old fishing boats in the harbour

We visited a boatyard that was across the bay from Marina Seca. This one was a short walk from downtown

What could be better than working on your boat in a pleasant Mexican about afternoon cocktails while at anchor in a secluded bay?....ah...but first the work.

Hard to tell if these are daily drivers or not. Let's put it this way...if you got an invite to head out...would you go?

The panga fishermen coming in from the days work

Men, kids, outboard motors, fish and hungry birds

The nice road and walkway, just past where the panga boats were on the beach

I guess this is one way to deal with used tires. It makes for a soft place to leave your boat at night

There is always a chore for a commercial fisherman

This little beach side hovel is actually a residence. I guess the family also keeps a watch on the boats and gear.

Lots of VW's ...they built them in Mexico until 2003. I can't remember what the "Canada" store sold...or why it was called that.

I called this "The school bus from hell"...coming up for another load...This is in the desert, on the drive between Guaymas and San Carlos

Outdoor boxing school. Very well attended, very well behaved students

Bill and Miriam at work on Moon Hunter

A little spit and polish maintenance on the past leaders

Old style amusement park rides

Nice custom Bug

Bill inspecting another project boat in the yard. This one looked like a Gilligan style "S.S. Minnow"...and needed a ton of woodwork...the owners seemed determined to make it float again.
The next section of the tale is here...

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