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Friday, 24 June 2016

New Song.....Full Tilt Boogaloo by Mike Pearson and Steve Sainas ( with Mike Van Eyes )

I scratched out the lyrics and musical ideas while working on a logging road project up by Prince Rupert.

It's partly an "answer song" to Hot Rod Lincoln....( original song 1955 )...made popular by Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen in the early seventies. Hot Rod Lincoln was itself an answer song to the 1950 tune by Arkie Shibley..."The Hot Rod Race"

Bill Kirchen stills tours and plays an energetic and masterful version of The Hot Rod Lincoln

My song writing partner, Steve Sainas crafted great guitar work and breathed musical life into Full Tilt Boogaloo. I decided to try adding some rocking boogie piano by Vancouver's master of the keys, Mike Van Eyes....and that set the song on fire!

Currently in pursuit of getting other bands to cover it.

Full Tilt here...turn it up.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A word for the new age of corporate communications..."Spokes-Drone"

Spokes-Drone or spokesdrone.

A nearly anonymous spokes-person for a company or bureaucratic entity. Average or pleasant looking, with an even tempo of speech delivery even while standing knee high in company generated shit.

Management is in survival mode, or career any rate, can't afford to speak on the subject of the day.
1. Something has gone badly wrong

2. Something will go badly wrong in short order

3. We strongly deny the charges...despite video evidence, a confession and the testimony of 23 nuns.

4. We would like to remind everyone of out sterling reputation....before the bribery, cocaine possession, influence peddling. making false reports and intimidating witnesses, and wiretapping charges.

5. Mis-direction and story spin is standard issue in the corporate communications hand book. Spokesdrones don't know about misdirection, they only know "this is the message"

6. Paying a multi -million dollar fine and not admitting guilt = not guilty....therefore a win....and double bonuses!! Everybody wins....except the losers....and who gives a fuck about them....hahahaha.

What, or who is a spokesdrone?

Spokesdrones are not inherently evil. They, similar to most people...... just want to be liked.

If management promises to like them and pay them on time, they will regurgitate the corporate or bureaucratic spin....on demand, almost with delight....nearly giddy.

Spokesdrones take special training to avoid having their own thoughts or opinions.
Spokesdrones only know what they are told. Spokesdrones have had their own opinions waterboarded out of them. They are pure vessels, waiting to be filled with "the message'

Remember the movie "Pulp Fiction"?......the line "Bring out the gimp".....that's very similar to the call to action for the spokesdrone.

Spokesdrones are disposable....a company or bureaucratic entity can fire a spokesdrone if the message goes bad. Management survives.

But....spokesdrones are like cockroaches, they don't really die. A true spokesdrone will resurface somewhere else....spouting some other 'message' like it was the god's honest truth.

Spokesdrones do not utter the word "truth"

Spokesdrones masturbate to the word "corporate"

Spokesdrones have wet dreams about being able to say " we categorically deny all charges"

You can tell when the "spin" is on.... management is not taking calls...the spokesdrone repeats the message over and over in the face of guilt and fault and evidence.

The company or government that uses spokesdrones doesn't have to make any changes at the top...they just cycle through new a new spokesdrone....the old spokesdrone the new spokesdrone.

You....the PUBLIC .......Refuse to hear the spokesdrones message....demand truth and accountability.

This message is brought to you by Sam Fitzpatrick ....killed 7 years ago on a Peter Kiewit project. His dad , Brian is still battling the American construction behemoth for just a twinkling of justice.

Ryan Tones....Step up and take the heat.

CEO Bruce Grewcock...Step are running Peter Kiewit Sons company into the ground. Any CEO that oversaw the disaster that was the Toba/Montrose project would have stepped down out of shame and embarassment.

You and your company are not welcome here anymore. The Sam Fitzpatrick case will be your Waterloo.

That's not even starting in on the Sea to Sky Highway MSE wall defects( millions in warranty repairs )....or the Port Mann gantry collapse due to your cowboy mentality.....and the free pass by WorksafeBC on that incident...or the inferior fill materials at the Cape Horn Interchange, or Kiewit managers gambling at the Hard Rock casino during work hours....drug use during shifts by jobsite managers, Kiewit supervisors sleeping with workers.....Kiewit staff bringing hand guns across the there anything your guys won't do?

Bruce Grewcock, Kiewit CEO.....time to be thinking about Florida time shares and hitting little white balls into plastic cups. 

 Sea to Sky Highway Defects
23 Aug 2015

Feb 2016 Vancouver Sun newspaper front page story 
 A father's grief turns to anger, and then action

Sam Fitzpatrick at Toba project shortly before his death

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Happy 2016 to the Kiewit Corp Here in British Columbia

On February 22, 2016, it will be 7 full years since Sam Fitzpatrick was killed at Kiewit's Toba/Montrose hydro power project. 

He was crushed to death by a 2 meter boulder that rolled down from a ledge above him, where two heavy excavators were working. ( against all common sense, but also in defiance of written safety policy ) Sam's death was witnessed by his brother Arlen, and his close friends on his crew. 

An amazingly similar accident, just the day before...with some of the same players involved...did 65,000 dollars in damage to a machine and caused a job wide safety shut down that resulted in a  ban on machines from operating above other workers...

WorkSafeBC investigators used words like " reckless and grossly negligent'...and the rock fall hazards were "glaringly and objectively obvious"..."the employers senior management personnel failed to co-operate...through not disclosing that the superintendent involved with the fatal incident was present at camp when investigating authorities attended to investigate on Feb. 23 2009...and the employer did not control or prevent the departure from the work site, right after the fatal incident, of most of the witnesses"

Currently, the RCMP is investigating Sam's death on Kiewit's jobsite as a possible case of "culpable homicide" Interviews with witnesses are complete. 
Interviews with American and Canadian executives of Kiewit are being arranged.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Sam's dad is trying to drag Kiewit into BC Supreme Court to reverse the decision of a WorkSafeBC tribunal ( WCAT ) that reduced the fine for Sam's death from 250,000 dollars to 75,000.

Kiewit is doing everything possible to avoid that particular showdown.

Who, or what is Kiewit?

Many people in BC, who aren't paying attention...think that Kiewit is a medium sized local company.


Peter Kiewit Sons Ltd  is an American 12 billion dollar per year construction behemoth. The company has dozens of subsidiaries...some with the Kiewit name attached...many without.... ...Alaska Highway, Alaska Pipeline, Manhattan Project buildings, secret nuclear powered ice bunkers in Greenland ( Camp Century )...

Kiewit is currently working on the  StratCom HQ building in Omaha ( previously Strategic Air Command....think Dr. Strangelove bunker )

Peter Kiewit Sons builds highways, bridges and tunnels. 

Kiewit owns/operates or offers contract services to coal mines.

 Kiewit builds infrastructure and machinery for conventional oil extraction. 

Kiewit has built or worked on some of the largest oil sands projects in the world. 

Kiewit also builds/ maintains/ services nuclear power plants.

Kiewit coal mining operation

Kiewit coal mining operation
A small part of the 30 billion dollar Kearl oil sands project at Fort Mac

Kiewit Heavy Lift Device with the entire upper structure of an oil rig hoisted in the air
Fort Mac Oil Sands Mine

Interestingly, Richard M Colf ( Dick Colf ) was a very senior executive at the Kiewit head office in Omaha, Nebraska.
 ( Same building as billionaire Warren Buffet )

Dick Colf was one of the main architects of the the Kiewit bid on the Sea to Sky highway project, the Toba/Montrose hydro power project, and the Gateway project ( Port Mann bridge, Capehorn Interchange )

Dick Colf  inserted his old Alaska pipeline buddy, Gerry Karjala into the Sea to Sky project, and the Toba/Montrose job to be his eyes and ears...and to manage through fear and intimidation.

 Google the 2012 Province paper 4 page article by Sam Cooper that talks about Gerry Karjala management methods...same with the Tom Sandborn article in the Tyee about Sam's death on the Kiewit project.

In the late 90's, Dick Colf was involved in the spin-off of a Kiewit company that would become Level 3 Communications 

Google Richard M Colf / Level 3 Communications....all the stock info is there.


Level 3...after a bumpy ride in business and the stock market....became an major internet, multi-international telecommunications and internet trunkline provider.

If you are bored one day....look up the Board of Directors of Level 3 Communications....these are some very serious heavy hitters!!  These guys have titles that Hollywood science fiction hasn't even invented yet.

Blah blah what.

In the very recent past...Level 3 Communications has been implicated in the NSA wiretaps of foreign governments.

Level 3 was steered up until recently by ex Kiewit CEO, billionaire Walter Scott.

Point being ( finally ! )....Kiewit Corp....are not punters. These are power brokers at the very highest level possible. 

Brian Fitzpatrick and I are fighting for justice in his son's needless and possibly criminal death on a Kiewit work site.

Kiewit lawyers and management have written the rule book on construction related lawsuits. 
Their number  tactics are to bury opponents in paperwork, delay tactics, missing witnesses, missing records, counter suits...or just simply....giant company pummels smaller company or employee into submission.

This battle is for Sam Fitzpatrick. We can't bring him back....but we can make sure the Peter Kiewit Sons remembers him for the rest of their days.

Previous post and photos of defective retaining walls on the Sea to Sky Highway

Here's my thought for the about no new projects for Kiewit in BC until this is settled....and just even a smidge of justice is doled out for Sam's death at the Kiewit work site....7 years ago.

Sam Fitzpatrick holding his air powered rock drill at the Toba job site

Sam Fitzpatrick killed at 24 yrs old on Kiewit job site on Feb 22/ 2009

Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas to the Kiewit Corp. Here in B.C.

Hopefully 2016 will see the American construction giant, Peter Kiewit Sons ( 12 billion/yr ) finally paying the full amount of the WorkSafeBC fine as a result of Sam Fitzpatrick's death at the Toba/Montrose site.

Originally set at 250,000 dollars (for the death of a brilliant young Canadian worker sent to work in a dangerous location...killed in front of his brother and friends  )....the fine got bargained down to much less than 90k.

Brian Fitzpatrick ( Sam's dad ) is working his way through the court system  to remedy that injustice. Kiewit is dangling large amounts of cash to try and side step that effort. 

Candy cane anyone?

Hopefully, Santa will tell the full story on why Kiewit removed the killer boulder pieces from the incident scene, and had them reassembled many miles away in a Burnaby works yard....and then caused all that evidence to disappear.

 Mrs. Claus can serve cookies and explain why WorkSafeBC buckled under pressure and demands of the American corporation that wanted to avoid any serious consequences for Sam's ever so needless death....or why WorkSafeBC let Kiewit investigate their own accident when the huge gantry collapsed on the new Port Mann bridge in 2012.

Hey, I'm not saying they are friends...but my oh my...they do seem to get along very well.

Then Santa's little helpers can explain why Kiewit flew one of their most feared bosses out of the country, and back to the legal safety of the good ol' USA after Sam was killed under his watch.

Near the bottom of Santa's sack of presents, where the big, heavy things go....might be some interesting results from the RCMP criminal investigation that was launched just a few months ago .......into Sam's 2009 workplace death.

Culpable homicide would be a bad thing to have on a resume.

It'll be 7 years ago on Feb.22/2016

In the sock hanging by the fireplace, hopefully this is all wrapped up by the time Kiewit starts to make noises about hustling up another billion dollar infrastructure project here in BC. ( where it is cheap to kill workers, and still make a profit while doing so )  ....the Massey bridge...the Pattulo  replacement....maybe you should sit out those ones out while all this legal mess gets sorted.

Merry Christmas to Bruce Grewcock, Ryan Tones, Dick Colf and Gerry Karjala....and Chris Dandurand.

Sam Fitzpatrick at the Kiewit project at Toba/Montrose

Sam Fitzpatrick

Friday, 25 September 2015

Letter to Kiewit Top Brass Regarding Sam Fitzpatrick / Sept 25 2015

Yeah, I'm looking at you Ryan Tones, Chris Dandurand, Dick Colf, Gerry Karjala and Bruce Grewcock.

Sam Fitzpatrick
Pay the fine!

I'm a friend of Brian and Arlen Fitzpatrick. I was friends with  and worked with Sam Fitzpatrick, but he's dead now.

Sam was killed at Kiewit's Toba/Montrose project in 2009....less than 24 hours after an amazingly similar incident shut the entire project down ( but no injuries...just 65,000 bucks damage to a machine. )

Sam and his crew were put in a deadly work situation despite a site wide ban on the type of work they were sent into to perform on Feb 22 2009. ( look it up, I'm not doing the work for you....Sam Fitzpatrick/Kiewit )

Investigators at the site where Sam Fitzpatrick was killed by a boulder that rolled from work-site above him

Kiewit's Toba project...plane crash killed 7. Sam was killed a few months later.  Then, a helicopter crash into the side of a mountain,
( epic )  40.... forty....four zero.... vehicle crashes.... SAR helicopter rescue of injured worker...scores of other accidents/incidents

In 2012, Peter Kiewit Sons ( American construction behemoth/12 billion U.S. per year ) was fined 250,000 dollars by WorkSafeBC for the careless disregard for human life/mismanagement/ disregard for standard workplace safety a result of Sam's 2009 death at Toba Inlet. ( crushed by a falling boulder/machines working above him )

Kiewit appealed the fine.

That pissed off me and Brian Fitzpatrick...and everyone that worked with Sam and loved him for the great young man that he was.

The war was on.

All the P.R. hell that has occurred is me and Brian working for justice regarding Sam's unnecessary death at the deadly and dangerous Toba project.
 ( Plutonic then....Alterra Power now )

Front page of the Province newspaper and 4 pages of story. 

 ( Dear Kiewit....Brian and I crafted this story and gave it to Sam Cooper and his editorial crew. ) 

( Google , Sam Cooper/ Sam Fitzpatrick/Kiewit )

Stories in the Tyee by Tom Sandborn ( That's me and Brian...again )

Stories by Laila Yuile  ( guess who )

Brian Fitzpatrick and his legal team won the fight against the first appeal.

Oh, But wait....

Kiewit gets appeal number two!!!

The WorksafeBC tribunal ignores all the evidence, disregards expert testimony ....and...and reduces the fine down to 75,000 thousand a fee. 

The tribunal says to Kiewit....hope this doesn't burden you too much ( paraphrase ) 

( Google the a key or two )

75 grand for the life of a brilliant young Canadian boy. A bright spot in life. The price of a fancy pick-up truck...for the life of a worker.

Worker death is cheap.... in business and corporate friendly B.C. 

Sam's dad, my friend has to go to Supreme Court to fight the tribunal decision.

In the mean time...we open up another battle front.

If we can't get em on Sam's death at Toba...we'll get them somewhere else.

 The Sea to Sky MSE retaining walls fiasco.

That was me and Brian. We went to the walls....saw the defects and went public. it wasn't easy, at first no one listened. Then they did.

Global TV, CBC Radio, The Sun newspaper, North Shore News, 1130 News....they all picked it up.

Blogger, Laila Yuile went to town with expert and very tight technical writing about the Sea to Sky retaining wall defect and expensive repairs.
( Google it )

NDP transportation critic, Claire Trevena carried the torch to the legislature and grilled Minister Todd he stumbled for answers regarding faulty workmanship. 
( YouTube...Claire Trevena )

That was all me and Brian in retaliation for appealing a fine that was already too low....even before the appeal process. 

Fall 2015....Kiewit won't commit to a BC Supreme court date to square off with Sam's father.

Ryan Tones and CEO Bruce the right thing. Pay the full fine. 3 minutes of your annual income.

P.S. I forgot to mention. Brian Fitzpatrick is so pissed off with you that he got the RCMP to open a criminal investigation into Sam's death. They are looking at "culpable homicide"

People are asking questions about why Kiewit removed the disintegrated "killer boulder" off-site. Why did Kiewit scrounge up all the parts of the 2 meter boulder and send then "truck/barge/ truck" them to a yard in Burnaby...all the way from Toba Inlet... to attempt reassembly??...then made the "evidence" disappear again from the Burnaby work yard?

Why did you fly American supervisor, Gerry Karjala out of camp/out of  Canada, after Sam's death at Kiewit's Toba-Montrose project? Who pulled the trigger on that one?

Why is Kiewit offering a cash payout to avoid the BC Supreme Court on the appeal process?

Lots of questions.

Still looking for answers at the scene of the crime. 

 It's about Sam.

Kiewit the fine.

Mike Pearson
Brian Fitzpatrick

2012 front cover and 4 page story about Sam by Sam Cooper
Sam is gone, Dad – Article from The Province - IUOE Local ..

Tom Sandborn article in The Tyee
Big Liberal Donor's Rocky Safety Record | The Tyee

Global News story with Brian Fitzpatrick
Deep Cove father takes on Kiewit after son's death - Global ...

Laila Yuile story about Kiewit Sea to Sky construction defects

Sam Fitzpatrick

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Link to Sept. 21/2015 Laila Yuile Story on Sea to Sky Highway Repairs

 Click here for link to Laila Yuile story

Porteau wall quality issue

Pasco MSE retaining wall rebuild and re-facing below active Sea to Sky Highway

Pasco MSE wall rebuild at the point of getting new concrete facing installed

Wall 78 just a few hundred meters south of Pasco Rd. Heavily overgrown ( new in 2008/2009 )

Overgrown Wall 78 on Horseshoe Bay Drive. MOT and road maintenance contractor issue.

Bulging in the wire wall near Porteau Cove

Brandywine Falls/CNRail Overpass rebuild after 5 years. Steel rebar embedded in dirt and rocks. Excavation not barricaded from public access

Brandywine Falls/CNRail Overpass retaining walls rebuild due to faulty components, plus failed DCP anchor bolts replaced after attempts at pressure grouting to fill voids behind wall

Pasco wall...after new soil nails to stabilize the wall...and before new concrete facing

Bulging wire mesh retaining wall above Horseshoe Bay Drive, near Pasco Rd.

Earlier image of Pasco Rd. MSE wall after getting soil nails installed to stabilize the wall
Large horizontal bulge in MSE wall 9450R at Upper Levels highway section of Sea to Sky
One of many over-size gaps in MSE Wall 9450R that supports the Upper Levels Highway (Build quality issue)

Upper Levels MSE Wall 9450R that supports Upper Levels Highway....leans in and out across the entire length of the wall

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rusty Logging Machines and Potato Vodka

A search for the highly recommended Pemberton Distillery, netted a great yard full of mixed ...dead, decrepit and still functioning logging equipment.
On one side of the lane was the industrial building that houses the new-ish booze business, and across the way is the parking area for a local logging contractor.
The Pemberton Distillery inputs are locally sourced ingredients including potatoes, and the output products are numerous....including premium vodka, gin and absinthe. 
Hard to find...worth the effort.